They say that you have to invest money to make money, and that is true, in some cases. But if you have a small budget to market your business, these ideas can help you get the best commercial performance for your pocket size.

1) Learn how to ask for referrals

Remember that most people like to help other people (if there is no negative cost to them) and the worst that can happen is that the client says “No”, which is no tragedy, right?

Ask for referrals in the projects you undertake: For example, if you have a meeting with a client, this is a perfect time to request a list.

2) Tell your potential customers what you do

Earn your clients by emphasising your benefits. This has to do with your narrative, how you account what you do and the advantages you hold. Use humour, creative stories, infographics, videos, whatever you use to really sell yourself.

3) Place yourself where your target market is

Know the most likely, achievable places to find your customers and run there without anyone stopping you.

4) Offer workshops or free classes related to your products / services

People love to learn, so classes on topics related to their products and services can be a great strategy. Learning by teaching will always be one of the best ideas for you.

5) Design a line that identifies you

Create an elegant logo and a slogan for your business and use it in all your documents (including your emails). This will provide you with an identity and a personality that in turn will speak to you in the development of your business.

6) Use brochures

Even though everything is turned in the direction of the internet, brochures can still be excellent selling tools. They give potential customers a hand-held material that is portable and has direct information. It is marketing material that gives a voice to your products or services.

7) Look for free promotion

Sometimes the obvious is the first thing we ignore. How are your social networks? Do you participate in forums in your area? Are you in a position to set up a stand or attend an event for free?

8) Create a website for your company if you don’t have one

And if you have do one, generate valuable content, thinking about the questions that can never be forgotten: What, who, where and why. Every day that passes without an online presence diminishes your visibility.

9) Create a blog for your business

Blogs can create a bigger market for your products or services if you do it well (create content regularly and share it). In these types of publications, do not just talk about you and your products, but also make comparisons, make listings, generate publications of value for your place and for your readers.

10) Participate in other relevant blogs regularly

Act intelligently and choose the ones that are likely to generate visits and customers as well. It’s simple: lean on people in your sector who have a similar work plan and build upon these relationships.