Businesses grow, this is the way of things and fast-growing businesses quickly outgrow their websites. Many times we see cases when a business has started trading with a website that has done them well enough at the time but as the business progresses it quickly becomes clear that in order for the business to advance the website needs some serious attention.

Even well-established businesses understand that technology and design changes over time and in order to keep up with the times and indeed the competition a new website is sometimes in order.

We have put a list together of 8 signs to look out for to help you tell if your business is in need of a new website:

1. Your website is not mobile friendly

This is a big one, the amount of people using their phones and other mobile devices has increased exponentially in recent years. Nowadays people expect websites to not just work but be easy to use on their phones or tablets. Google also now looks to see how well your website performs on mobile devices, if your visitors don’t have a good user experience Google will consider this and you can expect to see your website start to drop in the search engines ranks.

2. Your business is low in search results

Many different factors affect how search engines rank your website in the search results, this can be improved by performing search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is not a simple task and involves many avenues but a professionally designed and optimised website is the first step. If you are ranking low in the results then it could be time to ensure your website is properly optimised.

3. Your website is slow to load

Most people these days are in a rush, most people don’t wait around for more than a few seconds for a website to load before hitting that back button and going to one of your competitors instead. Not only can you lose potential customers this way but as mentioned above a badly optimised site with slow load time will also affect your ranking in search engine results.

4. The design of your website looks outdated

Time moves on, a website that looked ok five years ago may have been ‘done the job’ back then but in order to keep up with the times you may wish to consider refreshing your website.

5. Visitors can’t easily find what they are looking for

The navigation and layout of the content on your website is extremely important. People dislike getting confused when browsing and the last thing you want is a potential client or customer getting frustrated when visiting your website. Links and content should be placed in convenient places and serious consideration should be given to the design and placement of the different aspects of your website.

6. You get lots of visitors but few enquiries

This is once again usually down to the layout of your site, with careful planning and optimisation of the layout you should see an increase in the number of visitors converting into enquiries (or sales). A lack of enquiries could also be down to the fact that your website gives your potential customers a bad impression of your business. By optimising the layout of your site and having clear and easy to use data capture forms you can expect to see an increase in the number of enquiries your website generates.

7. Your website is hard to update

These days it should not take a computer scientist to update simple content or products on your website. There are many excellent content management systems such as WordPress or Magento which allow you to easily add and edit the content on your website. If you regularly need to add, edit and update the content or products on your website then having it built on a platform such as Magento could save your business an enormous amount of time and money.

8. You are embarrassed to send people to your website

This should be the most obvious sign that your website needs some serious work! If you think that your website looks bad then the chances are that the people viewing it are also thinking the same. In today’s world a website says so much about a company, and first impressions really count.

If you feel that you are suffering from any of the above then feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation, could it be time to take the plunge for a shiny new website?