Which is the best way of developing pressing content while ensuring you retain a powerful brand voice? Your aim is ensuring your content ranks on top of the unlimited clickable links while offering an authentic benefit to your target market. As a result, your content will win out and retain a top position in the rankings, only through a human-first strategy of developing content. Below are ways of combining SEO plans with brand storytelling, to equalise the requirements of writing for real people, alongside that of Google search algorithms.

Concentrate on emotional attachment

Anybody can perform specific keyword research, and fill their starting paragraphs with no more than a half-dozen searchable terms. Nonetheless, in most cases, the reader finds the work unnatural and forced. Thus, as brand storytellers, we must try to build content which is not only friendly but also create catchy attachments through the stories we decide to share, via mastery like first-person narratives which trigger emotions and engage the reader.

However, this does not translate to not having a plan of action for your keyword strategies. Actually, keywords are highly beneficial brainstorming tools when you want to produce concepts of stories that you intend to share. When you and your editorial team are polishing your concept procedure, strive to explore groups of keywords to trace topic proposals and develop stories which go around the keywords.

The story can be made from either a famous cultural trend, modern occurrence or a first-hand encounter. When you create these interesting story proposals, your SEO team can provide even more varied perceptions, by offering differences on long-tail keywords to include in your work. It’s worth noting that links, tags and metadata also look after your SEO.

Search for keyword chances that are yet to be discovered

You must search for keyword chances that are yet to be discovered since keyword schemes comprise a mixture of long-tail and short-tail phrases, as well as primary and secondary hierarchy. Can long-tail phrases make your content excellent, where you have the capacity to own the conversation?

To develop a story that is valuable to your audience and synchs with an SEO plan is crucial. You are free to utilise a long-tail phrase which matches the brand’s story and suits the content aims of that story.

Choose from the broad levels of keywords if you are confused. Check if its good to combine short-tail and long-tail phrases, or a long-tail with a connected phrase, which anyone can search naturally, to get a specific requirement.

Think of the whole

Similar to the saying, that no man is an island, a piece of content can also not stand on its own. The goals of your content cannot be driven by just a guide, infographic, video or blog post. However, it is the complete experience and the interaction of your content assets in your website, which will improve your SEO. Therefore, when making content, think how a greater brand message can be achieved by combining various pieces of work. How will every piece of content interact with each other to create an outstanding narrative, as well as a block that is in your SEO scheme?

Add keywords in interview questions

Adding keywords in your interview questions is among the means of ensuring your content is more original, while combining SEO plans. The addition of keywords in questions which you ask to professionals offers them a firm place in the article, besides ensuring the questions do not appear too forced. This is because the primary concentration of readers will be on the response offered by the experts.

Apply a commanding voice

A neat way to sidestep from sounding too mechanical in your storytelling – while protecting your keyword tactics, is by interposing your content with a solid voice and tone. This way, you can still integrate SEO best practises and approaches, but without weakening the overall style. It’s not about adjusting to keyword trends to the detriment of your brand voice. Rather, it’s about adopting creative ways to combine the two. So imbue your brand voice, be it conversational, rousing, welcoming, edgy, or audacious, into every section of content you produce.

While harmonising SEO strategies with great brand storytelling, ultimately, the central idea is to provide for your audience. Strong content gives your audience more than just interesting material. It involves them, helps them resolve a problem, whilst telling your brand’s story at the same time. By incorporating an SEO strategy with captivating content, you’ll be able to provide superb brand stories that fresh readers will discover and that’ll help you in hitting all your content goals.