“I’ll Google it, it can’t be that hard.”

“I have a cousin who knows a lot about web design.”

“Somebody in the office is doing it… it’s cheaper for me.”

These are some of the reasons we hear a lot, in order for the design of a website to not be left in the capable hands of a professional. You may not currently be convinced, but here are several reasons to take into account should you be planning on going down the DIY route.

1. It is the image of your company

One of the most important reasons to keep in mind is that once you are online, you will be visible to everyone. The image you project will be the first impression that people from your company take in. If you have a website that is made on the cheap or in a hurry, without sufficient knowledge or with broken links… what image is this projecting about your company?

2. Design

Following on from this first point, the design is a very important point to take into account, both at the level of structure and content.Quality images, well written texts without errors, the choice of colours and much, much more, are all aspects that not everyone takes into account or does not know how to develop effectively. This will only affect business negatively.

3. Quality

If you ask Jim the next door neighbour with only basic knowledge to create your website on the cheap, then this can hardly lead to a well-structured website. The risk is that it will be difficult to navigate, the structure will be disorganised and you will quickly lose visiting traffic.

4. Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Positioning is an essential “complement” to web design and depends on it; not only do you need a website, you also have to see it in the search rankings. For that,you need resources and expertise to learn to know what Google wants and how it wants it.

5. Assistance

If your site was made by yourself, a cousin, a friend, acquaintance or neighbour… you will have complications; when you have a problem with the website, when you want to update your page or simply, when you ask for something beyond your capabilities. Online DIY skills will only get you so far.

6. Time saving

Time is money and it is for everyone. Your part-time web designer friend will not lose an important part of his leisure time quietly just to do you a favour. Therefore, it will take longer and the reaction time of your website (promotions, offers, news) will be greater and will have a negative impact.

Not to mention that what a professional can cost 5 hours to do, an amateur can cost 50 hours!

The final reflection is that each one has to deal with what he or she understands. You take care of your business and let us take care of your website. These are some of the reasons to hire a web design professional, if you are interested, you can contact us on0800 994 9945 or drop us an email at hello@neonmedia.co.uk.