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BigBox Crypto

Big Box Crypto

Bigbox Crypto is an online store selling exciting cryptocurrency related merchandise.

Web | Graphic Design

We have designed all of the merchandise and an e-commerce website as a platform to sell the merchandise.

Website Design.

After being tasked with creating a brand, merchandise design, and an e-commerce website that accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method we knew this was no small project.

After extensive research into the industry and the target market, we were able to create an exciting and relevant brand that the audience could connect with. With custom web development we were able to create a user-friendly e-commerce website that can accept cryptocurrency payments as a method of payment for merchandise.

responsive web design showing web design on multi size screens

Merchandise design.

Clean, colourful design

Part of the project consisted of creating merchandise related to cryptocurrency and trading.

The merchandise we created needed to be simple, easy on the eye and most importantly clearly display the message in a fun way.

We opted for clean, flat and colourful design concepts that push the message of the artwork.

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