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DOTS is a startup offering rewards for everyday spending with the DOTS card.

Web design | brand design

Creation of the branding, logo design, website and additional graphic design.

Website Design.

The website for the dots needed to be clean, modern and simple to use whilst portraying a professional image. A great deal of consideration was given to ensuring that the company was promoted as a trustable financial organisation.

Additional web development for the website included currency conversion tools, custom data capture registration forms and an animated progress system.

website design on laptop screen

Logo design.

We knew from the very beginning of the project that the DOTS logo needed to contain dots, after much experimentation we created 4 dots and converted these into the letters d-o-t-s that form the logo. The logo was created in a way that portrays a financial image.

The main colours used throughout the branding are a dark blue and orange, however, the logo is also used in black and grey form.

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