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RTC Travel

RTC Travel

RTC Travel, established in 2002 is a travel agent that offers tailor-made holidays and tours with a focus on personalised service.

Web design | SEO

We have created a new website and continue to improve the performance with SEO services and e-mail marketing campaigns.

Website design.

Clean and informative

The main aim of the new website was to increase the number of visitors to the site that convert into enquiries or sales. One of the many challenges of the project was the amount of information that needed to be displayed for each holiday. The end result is a clean, easy to navigate and informative website that encourages users to make an enquiry.

We have added several sections including a dedicated offers section, top destinations section and a popular tours and holiday section. These sections combined with an easy to navigate menu help to ensure a great user experience for visitors that enables them to easily navigate the site and find a suitable holiday.

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Optimised content and user experience

The new website was created with SEO firmly in mind, after the launch the website saw a good increase in rankings thanks to optimisation and an increase in optimised, unique content.

Continued SEO work sees improvements in ranking positions, especially for specialist holidays which have optimised and unique content.

Digital marketing.

Email marketing & Social media marketing

With a solid website showing a much-improved visitor engagement we continue to work on targeted email marketing campaigns, directing potential customers to the new website.

Social media campaigns with attractive design and optimised content is bringing additional traffic and new potential customers to the website.

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