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Soake UK

Soake UK

Based in Harrogate, Soake is one of the UK’s leading designer, distributor and supplier of quality umbrellas.

Print design | Photo Editing

The design of the 2019 product catalogue including product photography and photo editing.

Product catalogue design.

When we were approached by Soake UK Limited to redesign their product catalogue we knew that we needed to create a slick looking catalogue to contain hundreds, if not thousands of products.

We knew this would have to be created in a way that would be aesthetically pleasing but also display the vast number of products and information related to the products in an easy to digest manner for the reader.

Product images.

Along with the design of the catalogue, we enhanced and isolated many of the product images to remove the background which created a much improved and slick look with the product sitting directly on the white page.

The outcome of the project is a beautiful, clean and easy to digest catalogue which promotes the products in a way that is clear and easy for the reader to understand.

Functional design.

Each product has unique item-specific information this needed to be easily readable while not taking up too much space.

We created an informational block for each product, in the block the reader can see the product code and a basic description. The informational box also displays the dimensions of the umbrella when open and closed along with the materials the product is made from and the number of ribs on the item.

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